In September the representatives of the newly formed trade unions decided to create the Independent Self-Governing Trade Union (Niezalezny Samorzadny Zwiazek Zawodowy Solidarity), headed by the National Coordinating Commission (Komisja Krajowa Porozumiewawcza) with Lech Waleza as president.

The Independent Student Association (Niezalezne Zrzeszenie Studentow) was created along with other independent academic and artistic organizations. Already before the registration Solidarity accounted for about three million members. After signing the MoUs, the Government tried to stop the creation of unions and organizations. The propaganda intensified and several members of the Opposition got arrested. In October the second part of Plenum KC PZPR ended with the decision of organizing an special meeting of the Party due to the need to introduce reforms and democracy within the political parties. The Minister of Defence the general Wojciech Jaruzelski put in place a plan to hamper the social movement using military force. The August events weakened the integrity of the Party. Corporate and provincial committiees of the Party started to collaborate without the supervision of the central office.

Under pressure and fearing confrontation, the Government agreed to register Solidarity on November 10th, 1980. Solidarity was allowed to publish a weekly newspaper called 'Solidarity' with Tadeusz Mazowiecki as editor-in-chief, and broadcast programs on the radio and television. In practice, this compromise between the Government and the workers did not make any of the parties satisfied. The Government under the pressure the Kremlin took action to discredit Solidarity in the eyes of the society. Jaruzelski fearing an attack by the armies of Warsaw Pact that would have been a disaster for Poland, hurried to prepare local military action in order to strangle the revolution.

The end of the year brought peace to Poland. The Government agreed to unveil a monument for the stockyard workers who died in 1970 in Gdansk and loosened propaganda attacks on Solidarity.  

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