Julius Roger (1819 - 1865)

      Julius Roger was a medicine doctor, an oculist, a social worker, an explorer of the nature – an entomologist, a folklorist, a collector of Silesian songs, a poet. He was the private doctor of the prince of Racibórz, Victor I in the court in Rudy until 1847. His motto was: “First of all cure people and help them as a doctor and man.” He organized the hospitals of the region collecting money for this purpose from almost the whole Europe. The first hospital was built in the years 1858-1861 in Rudy, next he organized, developed and enlarged the convent hospital in Pilchowice, and finally he built a hospital for women in Rybnik (at present a public hospital) which was opened in 1869 after Roger’s tragic death. Out of gratitude for him, the hospital was given the name “Julius” (this name should be restored). Roger discovered over 400 species of beetles and published many works about them in professional papers. He cooperated with doctor Gustav Kraatz, who was a founder of the Entomologic Museum in Berlin. The insects collected by Roger enriched the collection of the Museum, where they were exhibited till the last days of World War II. Roger’s second collection were birds living in the forests of Racibórz and Rybnik. Above all, Roger was known as a collector of folk songs which he published in 1863. There were 546 songs in his collection: huntsmen’s songs, pastoral and farmers’ songs, Gypsy songs, ballads, love songs (both serious and playful), and many others.

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