Jan Bochen’s Folk Orchestra was active in the middle of the 20th century, playing traditional Polish and Ukrainian folk music on every ceremonies and parties.
Here there is an amateur but very valuable recording given by Maria Pawłowicz. It was made on a family meeting because of Easter 1980. We can hear songs, music and chats of the Kościuk and Bochen families.
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- an interview with Helena Bochen
- an interview with Jan Bochen
- an interview with Adam Kościuk
- song "Idź do sadu"
- song "Kury jaja pogubili"
- song "Oj, Janku"
- song "Z tamtej strony młyna"

Jan Bochen’s Folk Orchestra the 50s of the 20th century.
(owner: Maria Pawłowicz)
At the moment there is not a single group performing folk culture in Brzeźno. In the 80s, we had here a singing group „Słowianki “, but they performed only for two years.
On the contrary there are many folk groups near Dorohusk such as: ”Teosinki“ from Teosin, ”Okopianki“ from Okopy, “Nadbużański Klon Zielony“ from Zanowinie , “Ale babki” from Dorohusk, “Wesołe sąsiadki“ from Michałówka , “Pogodna jesień“ and “Cykady“ from Wólka Okopska.
The first three groups of those mentioned above started in the beginning of the 70s. They are well known in the region or even in the country. They have worked out a rich repertoire connected with Wołyń folklore.
They were created spontaneously to make the local ceremonies more attractive, e.g. harvest home festivals, opening of the shed, etc.
They started to participate in festivals all over the country which played the significant role to preserve regional traditions.
They sing ceremonial songs concerning Christmas time, Easter, St. John’s Night, harvesting, wedding etc. While performing they try to follow original ceremonies, focusing on authentic clothes and accessories.
Due to their high level they are often invited to Ogólnopolski Sejmik Teatrów Wsi Polskiej  in Tarnogród as well as Ogólnopolski Festiwal Kapel i Śpiewaków Ludowych in Kazimierz.