Clay pitchers, pots

Clay pitchers, pots and wide employment was one of most spread in past on podlasia in each daily life of farm little pots farm workers pottery have be repeatedly local. Locals, who in free from field work time, dealt with be transfer from generation on generation product tradition family ability pot . On pots etc., were placed from father on with in black church village this oldest concentration family occupying .Biggest pottery, in Chrabo≥y, big Hryniewicze, Suszyn and it from facility of winning raw material in big amounts on these fields taking a stand Poniklicy. There was very general occupance and wanted produce them in farm of utensil from clay without use of circle start technical. No doubt, devising of pottery circle was that, it has caused genuine revolution not be in additional occupance of some farm worker it time only pots. from pot making, it has come into being as separate profession. On spring at big most often assemble wet utensil repeatedly decorate clay. Ready, though clay utensils in our region modestly decorate and double produce from workshop .In workshops is producing double and triple wanted for transmit meal was so called on - utensil working podlasia most popular. On "siwaki", otherwise, on black burn out "dymiana", so called products red happened often too on redly burn out.

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