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Podlasie province is put in north-east part of Poland. It neighbors on three provinces: warmińsko-mazurskim, mazovian and on short section with lubelskim. It borders upon Lithuania on northern-east, and with Belorussia on east. Podlasie is internal border (with Lithuania) and with belorussia external border european union.

Geographic conditionality and historic have caused, that Podlasie province is place of co-existence of different nation and cultures. Peculiar cultural landscape has emerged here, characterizing differnt religions and resource of ceremony. Poles live from centuries with Belorussians, Tatars, Russians, Jews.

Natural landscape have saved for today in podlasia province, forests and forests, lakes and valley in scale exceptional value natural region polish rivers.Groups show Europe and elements of natural environments included protection.

Area - 20 180 km2.
Population - 1 224 thousand person.