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Route of the Ring of the Kurpie region

Route described from Warsaw by Marki, Radzymin and Wyszków.
White forest: Kamieńczyk, Brańszczyk, Poręba, Brok, the Islet Mazovian, Legionowo, far unisons the Slope, Czerwin, Grodzisk, Rzekuń, Ostrołęka, Laskowiec, Drogoszewo, Miastkowo, Nowogród.

Green forest: Zbójna, Kuzie, the Profession, Myszyniec, Czarnia, Raw, return to Myszyniec, Incense, Dylewo, Lodzisk,Ostrołęka, Rose, Pułtusk, Serock, Jabłonna to Warsaw. It is route for family, car, coach or motorcycle trips.
Local bicycle and walking trips as well as canoeing flows on two trails from Ostrołęka and one from Pułtusk. The first local trail (along the Omulew valley)
We leave Ostrołęka and drive about 1.5 km from the Roundabout of The Prince Siemowit toward Przasnysz. We travel through the village Porężewo and the old village Kruki. Having driven through the village and passing by the last building on the right, we turn right. From the cross -roads we go to the village Kruki(about 100 m)then we pass the fork of roads and go to Białobrzegi. The route is leading, along the Omulew valley, to the town Przystań. Then goes to the Wyszel village, after which the road is conveying through the forest to Zimna Woda, and then to the Budne village. About 3 km further there are Baranowo, Bakuła, Kalisko, Guzowata and Brodowe Łąki.By the Omulew river we travel through the village of Zawada. From the track in direction to Myszyniec, going through the village, we turn left with gravel road to the Bandysie.Further, just by the road, there is a small chapel. A few metres away, on the fork of roads we turn left to the village Długie and after passing by the riverside we turn right, just after the school building, to the Surowe.
Next, we arrive 3 km further at the Chorzele route, we go down the road by the SP in Surowem and in that way we are in Czarnia. The road from Czarnia leads to Bandysie village and then in a straight line to Olszyny, Brodowe Łąki and Myszyniec. We go to the Karaska and the forest district "Podgórze".
The road is following up to the Bandysie and Kadzidło villages. After the fork of roads, thre is a chapel by which we turn to the Piasecznia village. The route leads to the Gleba and then, with an asphalt road, we go toward the Chudek village, next to Obierwia, Olszewka, Szwendrowy Most to Lodzisk. With the Myszyniec route, through Antonie and Łazek we come back to Ostrołęka.

The second local route (from Ostrołęka along the Szkwa river basin and Rozogi) we leave the town in direction to Myszyniec and on the Łazek suburb we turn right to Łęg Przedmiejski. After passing by the school, the church and the small river Rozoga there is a fork of tracks in direction to Łęg Starościński. About 5 km further Kurpiowskie village is situated.Coming on through pine forest we reach the Szkwa village, situated by the small river having the same name. Next, behind the village we are turning on the left and about 5 km together go to the north into the top of the Szkwa river -> village Dąbrówka. From the village we are heading to the north towards the town Płoszyce. A next village is Grale situated on the edge of pine forest. Further, wandering to the north we are reaching the gravel road leading from Incense to Czarnia. From the village we are heading to the north toward the Plewki town. After walking 1.5 km distance, we are turning right, toward the Baba town. Further, we are heading to the north, by the road to the Lipniki village. In the centre of the village by the main route from Kadzidło to Łyse, behind the graveyard we are heading to the north toward the Gadomskie town. Then we are travelling to the large village Wykrot, from where we are going to the south along the lake, the Rozogi valley to the Jazgarka village. After the village we are heading through Rosorz town by the Rozoga. After the bridge we are travelling to the Todzia village, by which the road is leading through forest to the main route from Ostrołęka to Myszyniec. Then we are travelling through Kadzidło and at the cross-roads we are turning in direction to Łyse. To the right of the cross-roads the track is leading about 400 metres to the town Tatary. From there we are guided to the south by a road , being on edge of forest, to the town Długi Kąt. Behind the village we are heading towards the district town- Lelis. From this town ,about 1.5 km away there is Durlasy village and after passing the forest we are in a district of Ostrołęka; Łazek. The third local route
the most accessible place to go to the White Forest is Pułtusk and Wyszków. Beginning the route in Pułtusk, we cross the bridge across Narew and we find ourselves in the district Popławy.
The route is following up to the Psary town, next village is Obryte.
From Obryte we are guided by a tarmac road through Gródek Rządowy to Rząśnik. Next village of the Kurpie region it Porządzie which is situated next to Pulwy. Further we head towards the Sieczychy town from where, through the Przetycz Polish State Railways,we go in direction of Długosiodło. From here, we are heading the Blochy town and then the church village Białebłoto. After passing the village and forest we turn left to a main road from Mazovian Ostrowia to Wyszków. Then there is the Trzcianka village, and about 6 km further-Wyszków.

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