Opoczyńskie -  this our region. We live on his edge, from far from main tracks in small laid over river Pilicą village Myślakowice.

Our primary school was built in 1998. Children attended here from Myślakowice and nearby  villages : Łęgonice Małe, Różanna, Dąbrowa  and Myślakowice Kolonia.

But in old school building, which had been built by wood before the Second World War, was created in 2002 ‘THE HOUSE OF FOLK TRADITION OF OPOCZNO REGION’

Owing to local society, pupils, teachers, but especially head teacher Bożena  Wielgus, we collected many objects and tools. They really were in use by local people in Pilica region.

There are many of unique photographs of village and inhabitants. More of this photographs were taken in early XX C.

There gather local songs, which were prepared for print. This songs are still singing by School Folk Group ic Jan Czerski.

Accumulating former tools and old folk clothes, recalling old songs and exhibiting reproduction old photographs, we want to rescue them from oblivion, everything what was needed in everyday life.

MYŚLAKOWICE,  it is small village  between forest and river Pilica. Nowadays, like in the past, more of residents do agriculture. But because of weakness soil, importance of farming to support families go down.


The only asphalt way to Myślakowice lead from Odrzywół (place on Warsaw – Końskie route) via Wysokin, Lipiny, Wandzinów, Stanisławów, and Różanna. In Różanna there is a fork and you can go from this place  not only to Myślakowice, but to Łęgonice Małe or  Dąbrowa, to.

The first mention about Myślakowice is in ‘Liber Beneficiorum Archidiecezji Gnieźnieńskiej’ elaborated by Jan Łaski in XVI C. Copy map of Sandomierz province from XVI C is presented in ‘The House of  Folk Tradition’ . On map are marked Myślakowice and Łęgonice Małe.

MYŚLAKOWICE – picturesque located village, beauty spot for people from the outside, mainly on account of beautiful nature. There is clean water, telephone, two grocer’s shops, new primary school and ‘The House of Folk Tradition in Opoczno Region’.