Wiślica District

Size: 10,058 ha
Population: 6,346


The area of  Wiślica District is divided into 20 administrative districts and constitutes 97,8% of the territory of Nadnidziański Park. Water, soil and agroclimatic conditions are advantageous for rural production, which is the main source of maintenance of the District’s inhabitants. Rural grounds comprise 81,1% of the District’s area.
Nature – There are numerous Karst forms connected with gypsum ground of the District’s territory. The most valuable ones are protected in four sanctuaries, of which Skorocice Sanctuarium is the most beautiful and richest in Karst forms in Ponidzie region.


Over 1000 years old Wiślica is a place where one can see unique monuments of art:


·        The Gothic collegiate church founded by Kazimierz the Great

·        One of the most valuable examples of Romanesque style in Poland – the plaster parquet decorated with beautifully engraved figures called the plate from Wiślica

·        The plaster basin of about 4 metres in diameter considered to be a baptismal font in 9th and 10th centuries

·        The Gothic belfry and Długosz’s House dated back to 15th century and founded by John Długosz

·        The Gothic church in Chotel Czerwony

·        The church in Gorysławice built in 1535 in Gothic and Renaissance styles on gypsum rock without any foundations.

The structure of the area promotes investments related with manufacturing and food industry of limited arduousness.

There are 14 beautifully located building lots (0,07 – 0,12 ha) in Szczytniki by the River Nida.