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...he's coming for sure. And if he is, it means he really exists
see  Santa's Village
located in a small town of Rovaniemi, in the Finnish Lapland 

See Santa Claus at work

 Real Video (former video)
  Windows Media (present video)

courtesy of  www.virtual.finland.fi

Write a letter to Santa
His address:

Santa Claus' Office
FIN-96930 Napapiiri

See Santa's House live -  every minute of the day or night!!!

In Finland it is 1 hour and a half later than in Poland

he never leaves letters unanswered
You must see this video

courtesy of  www.santagreeting.net

Alternatively you can  send your Christmas greetings at: 


Santa's House 
courtesy of  www.posti.fi

Santa's True Story

 The original Santa was a Roman-Catholic bishop, born around 270 as an only child to a rich family in  the present day Turkey. Remarkably pious from his early years, he devoted his life to the service among the poor and the needy of his day. On the death of his parents he decided to   give away his riches by secretly bestowing gifts and presents on poor people  . He did it in such a way that none of those who found them on doorsteps or window sills the following day, could recognize the giver. 

Original text courtesy of  http://priv.twoje-sudety.pl/~mikolajki/


If you ever dream about visiting  Santa,  you must go to Finland first



Here you can see Rovaniemi and the surrounding area with  Santa Park and Santa Claus Village




 The Artic Circle cuts right through the centre of Santa's Village

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